Month: January 2016

Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash Game

Boudler Dash Boudler Dash is an arcade game that is set in a dark and dangerous underground. Play your character and walk from the start to the finish avoiding the falling stones that might hit you. Boudler Dash is pretty much about logic and first of all you should think and analyze the map and then go for the action. Every you move in the game influences on the map and you can win or lose at any...

Last Colony

Last colony game

Last Colony Last Colony is a great Online Strategy Game that is set in a future world where colonization of other planets come true. Command your own planetary base and beat all enemies, convey your workers and protect the base. Last Colony reminds good old Command and Conquer and represents the old school strategy game genre. Play Last Colony Online and enjoy the planet colonization campaign! Bac...

Space Invaders

Space Invader

  Space Invaders Space Invaders is awesome old school arcade game that has been recently restyled and graphically updated. Play for a space craft and destroy all enemy crafts using your laser turrets. Also avoid being hit by enemies’ weapons and move left and right frequently. Play Space Invaders and honor good old arcade game online. Back to the Games Catalogue

Tower Platformer

Tower game platformer

  Tower Platfromer Tower Platformer represents arcade games genre and invites you to break through a ladder labyrinth underground. Of course ladders are not the only difficulties in the game. There are a lot of different monsters that infest the undeground and aim to catch you. Be aware. Play Tower Platformer online and get out from the undeground. Back to the Games Catalogue

Playsterr is looking for new Game Developers

Game Developer

Hello dear gaming community and the developers. We are glad to announce that Playsterr starts a new program for Game Developers of HTML5 games. We are seeking for new talents, even newbie ones to the Game Development but with a passion to build up new games and create real masterpiece. Playsterr Game Developers Program is a proposition of cooperation with any level of Game Dev on mutually benefici...

Snake Game

Snake Game

Snake Game This is a hit game that came to the world years and years ago. Of course exactly this one is a new one version however the gameplay stays the same. Play for a snake that eats different fruits and grows evertime it encounters a meal. But be aware that once you get really huge you may eat your own tail. Haha. Back to the Games Catalogue

Tetris Game

Tetris Game

Tetris Game Everyone is in love in Tetris. Even if you do not then more likely you did not play exactly that type of this genre you would love. There are hundreads of different Tetrises around the Internet. This one is a classic for those who enjoy oldschool games and are glad to see how the lines are disappering. Play Tetris Online and match the figures, get best score and repeat. Back to the Gam...

BreakOut Game

Play Breakout online

Breakout Game Do you love oldschool games and Nintendo? Then you are more then welcome to this great and entertaining game. You play as a moving from left to right platfrom and your mission is to beat all the cubes by your ball. So, press the spacebar and make your best to kick the ball and direct it to the blocks. You will reach the new level everytime when the last block disappers. Awesome, isn&...

Playsterr, what’s new? Play games Online!

Play Games Online

Playsterr continues to update and increase in amounts our Games Catalogue. We would like to announce hot updates and new stuff that been recently represented on Playsterr gaming platform. You love to Play Games Online and we like to share the games with you. Enjoy! Doodle Jump This game is a great thing for everyone who loves arcade games and scores. You play as a little green Doodle and your task...

TOP 5 Logic Games & Puzzle Games Online

TOP 5 Logic Games & Puzzle Games Online

What is better than play games and improve your logic skills? This is what you are Logic and Puzzle games are about. There is a scientific report that reveals that playing puzzle and logic games at least 15 minutes a day and for a 3-6 months will influence positively your IQ. It is really good news for everyon who has these free 15 minutes a day. Because there are tones of HTML5 Games that are rel...

How to create own HTML5 Game

How to create own HTML5 Game

In love with Games and the Internet? Been dreaming about creating something new and stunning what people will like and become fans of this stuff? Then more likely you are about to create your own HTML5 Game or at least learn how to do this. First of all, let’s agree on that building new HTML5 Game is not that difficult. All you need is just a good understanding of what is HTML5, CSS3 and Jav...

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